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Sales in Partner Outlets
Have your tickets sold in all Platinumlist’s partners’ physical outlets. Having physical store presence is important for all events and helps selling tickets considerably.
Access Control App
All tickets that are sold or printed by Platinumlist can be scanned using our free Access Control Application. The app is designed for bullet proof protection against ticket duplication. It supports multiple synced entry points at the same event and even able to work with no internet access. It approximately scans 600 customers per hour and is suitable for low light venues. It’s free. Simply download it from App Store or Google Play, log in and start scanning your tickets today.
Essential Reports
Knowing how your tickets are bought is extremely important to generate sales. Essential reports give you access to vital information such as channels, regions, gender, daily sales trends, sources of traffic and many other meaningful insights. It is perfect for medium-sized events. All data is visualised in configurable charts and graphs, and is fully exportable.
Customer Feedback Survey
One of the most popular tools with customers and organisers. If asked in a correct way, you will be surprised how much customers love to express their opinion about the event. For organisers, the feedback is extremely valuable, because even the smallest issue can make the whole event go wrong. The feedback system sends emails to all customers after event and delivers feedback to your dashboard along with comments. You can even contact customers for further investigation.
PCI Compliance
Being PCI compliant is a must for any e-commerce business. We make sure that all precautions are met when it comes to security of transactional details and customer data. PCI certificates give greater flexibility of working with card data, allowing us to create more effective solutions.
Essential Reports
Being PCI compliant is a must for any e-commerce business. We make sure that all precautions are met when it comes to security of transactional details and customer data. PCI certificates give greater flexibility of working with card data, allowing us to create more effective solutions.
Tickets might seem similar to vouchers, but their functions vary greatly. Vouchers play an important role at events and make packaging products together with entry possible. For example, you can combine an entry ticket together with a food and beverage voucher, or a parking voucher. In Dubai our voucher functionality allows organiser to avoid double taxation. Vouchers may be valid for the whole event or single show; have greater flexibility to tickets; and solve a lot of problems at the event.
Team Access Permissions
Invite or remove members that can manage your event, including having access to ticket statistics, issuance of tickets or refunds, and many other features. Members of the organiser team can control event info, start or stop sales, issue complimentary tickets, set promo codes and much more. You can assign specific functionality to a particular member, or restrict certain permissions, e.g. see data, or print complimentary tickets.
Ticket Upgrade / Downgrade
One of the most essential tools that helps with tickets upsale. You can upgrade a customer’s ticket category free of charge or with difference paid; or simply change it to a different show’s timing. Issue vouchers which are restricted to a show date or not, and then exchange them to real tickets at the guest’s arrival.
Apple Wallet
One of customer favourite functions, when it comes to storing tickets. The ticket appears on the home screen when the event is coming up; it is easy to retrieve and perfectly suited for fast scanning by our Access Control App.
Email Customization
Be able to fully customise the email that comes after ticket purchase (ticket purchase confirmation); or pre-event reminder email. Have different email templates for different tickets. For example, VIP Category Ticket might have different entry instructions from a Regular Category Ticket. Add photos, location or any other required information.
Customer Support
Our dedicated support team speaks over 10 languages and helps customer with their purchase process queries or other questions before or after the event. We have contingency plans for cancelled events and have handled many situations which needed intensive professional client communication. Our team is well trained and scalable for larger events.
Promo Codes
Essential tool for event promotion. It gives organiser a possibility to create bulk promo codes for single or multiple use, attach to various ticket categories and distribute to partners or certain campaigns. Promo codes can work in conjunction with Credit Card Detection. Generate promo codes in bulk and assign how many tickets each code can be used for. See the report of promo codes performance.
Season Tickets
Season tickets functionality allow the customer to use the same ticket on various events. This is useful for sporting events where a fan buys a season ticket for his favourite team’s games. However, this function can be used for many different applications.
Credit Card Number Detection
Allows you to set up promotions with certain banks. For example, customer can use his Visa/Matercard card to get discounted tickets. The detection can determine a specific bank or type of credit card scheme, e.g. Ultra card from a certain bank.
Ticket packages
Packaging function allows you to combine tickets that can be used in conjunction with specific offers. For example, family package or package with multiple tickets and vouchers. You can create packages of tickets that contain specific ticket types, that are only available as a package. Example: Buy 1 Get One Free offer, and so on.
Seating plan
One of our most powerful solutions based on vector graphics that has no pixelation and endless possibilities for any type of map design. Map can be in 2D or 3D; organiser can mark seats with customer comments or block seats adding internal comments. Seating plan selection has seating gap protection which prevents customers from leaving gaps between groups. The seating map also supports auto seating with best available seat selection. The map is primarily designed to be used on mobile devices, so it is easy to navigate on small screens. One of the advantages is that the customers get to see the whole map and can choose to buy from any other section at any time. Seating map can be configured to be used with bulk seating packages where the customer will need to choose from a specific section only, or seats can be auto selected. Organiser can benefit from mass selection to issue or block large number of tickets from a defined area using drag tool.
Sale Console

Sale console is a powerful Point of Sale solution that can be used for a number of applications, such as door sales, phone sales, ticket printing, refunding, exchanging, batch printing and many more. The console provides a powerful and easy to use solution to manage financial relationship between organiser and ticket sellers at the door, as well as with any other external partner sellers, which the organiser can set up in the system. The console supports various ways of payments such as POS terminals, cash, pay online via a link, etc. The billing section fully covers the relationship between ticket cashiers and organiser or partners with detailed reports, limits on volume for every agent and helps calculate cash on hand with each agent. In advanced mode sale console can be used to manage multiple outlet partners, each of which can have their own team of sellers, that can manage their agents.

Each team member has their own access and can sell tickets using cash or online payment, payment via link or payment with POS machines. Each team member sees history of all transactions made and is able refund or re-print tickets. Many functions have permissions settings, so you can restrict members from refunding or any other function. Sale console has “Pay by Link” functionality, which is perfect for reservations over the phone, when the operator books the ticket and the system sends the link for secure payment online to a customer via sms and/or email.

In advanced mode organiser is able to set up ticket sales partner companies, which can manage their own agents and use various ways of payment, using the gateway of the organiser. Advanced sale console is a perfect solution for venues or attractions that work with numerous partners. Sale console can be used in Point of Sale Terminals and can be configured with a variety of printers such as Stimare, Boca, Epson or any regular A4 printer. You can find compatible printers in our Equipment Section.

Ticket Customization
There is a possibility to have different templates of the ticket design for thermal printing or e-ticket. Each ticket category can have its’ own information set, logos and QR code included. It is important to note, that if a non-standard size of tickets is required, we will need to supply custom printed tickets, which may take more time to be produced.
Guest Checkout
We use cutting edge user registration strategy which is driven by data. The strategy is to make the process of buying as simple as possible, without the hassle of entering extra unnecessary information, which reduces the likelihood of conversion. Our standard registration mode, for example, uses AI to determine website visitors’ gender, using their names, instead of asking a question about it. Login in via Facebook and Google is also available, and it helps to maximise conversions substantially. Removing just one question has increased the conversion rate by 6%. For example, during log in, instead of the old way of asking user’s email and password, we only ask for an email, and then determine if the person is a member already. If a person is registered - the system fast tracks the process of password entry; if not - directs him straight to registration. In certain cases guest checkout provides the most effective way of onboarding customers, which is also available optionally in custom event set up.
Payment Gateway Integration
Larger long-term projects require immediate cashflow solutions. Having integrated over 100 gateways worldwide, we are able to plug-in almost any card processing gateway - from basic to the most advanced, within a short period of time. Separate fee applies for the integration process. We recommend this option for events with USD10,000,000+ turnovers only.
White Label Solutions
Our white label solution provides a possibility or branding the checkout experience with your logo and page colour to match the event theme. The integration is super simple - customer comes from a Buy Ticket button on your website, transaction takes place on our white label platform, then redirects the customer back to your website.
Ticket or Merchandise Delivery Service
Delivery module provides powerful delivery functionality. Simply appoint courier operator of your choice, which will get notified with a customer’s address, every time there is a purchase. Set you own delivery fees, depending on location, or allow the customer to collect the item from designated location. The delivery personnel will be able to scan the item to mark as “delivered”.
Customized Survey Questions
If you want to ask your customers particular questions, survey module is the perfect tool to do so. You can configure questions to be asked before or after the purchase; the answers to be collected at the door using Access Control App or through Self-Service Terminal. The questions can include waivers or be arranged in a logical sequence, where an answer to the first question will lead to the other specific question. Upload images, radio buttons, tick boxes and all other tools you will ever need to collect data efficiently online and offline at the entry.
Outlet Partner Management Panel
Perfect solution for venues or attraction organisers, who have multiple ticket sales partners. Each partner can have their own commission structure, limits and invoice intervals. You can configure partners to sell only assigned tickets and through assigned payment options, e.g. cash only, or via organiser gateway only. Each outlet partner can manage their own agents and settle cash on hand and reconcile each agent
API Connectivity
Our powerful API connectivity feature allows various ways of exchanging information between other servers, including inventory access. For example, it can be used when one of the partners would like to connect to draw tickets from your inventory or download sold inventory into a CRM.
If you need your customers to sign a waiver, our configurable widget is perfectly suited to store signatures. The customer signs a digital document online, which is always kept on your records in case you ever need to retrieve it.
Create custom badges at your event, which can be printed at the spot using the Sale Console or Self-Service Terminal, collecting survey questions and printing customized badge.
Delayed Ticket Distribution
Many organisers prefer to send tickets closer to event to avoid fraud and/or ticket resale. Tickets can be sent at any time before the event. The customer gets a custom notification with instructions on how the tickets can be obtained.
Upload 3rd Party Tickets
It is possible to upload external tickets into the system. So if the ticket is generated by the external party, this can be shown on an issued ticket. The external tickets are being uploaded in bulk, and once they are all issued, the organiser is notified to upload more.
Mailchimp Integration
Be in full control of your customers and sync your ticket buyers’ data into MailChimp or simply export it in an excel file. In this way, you can retarget your most loyal fans for any upcoming event or promotions.
Facebook Pixel Integration
Our platform enables you to install your own pixel ID to measure the success of your Facebook ads strategy, track the actions taken by your customers on your page and view useful insights such as page views, conversions and sales.
Google Analytics Integration
Observe your campaigns’ performance and ads results live and measure all required statistics like page views and conversions, from the information hub of your GA account by adding your Google Analytics tag via your Platinumlist organiser panel.
Twitter Integration
Use Twitter conversion tracking to refine your Twitter advertising strategy. Simply place your conversion tag from your event’s organiser panel and see results driven by actions such as site visit and purchase.
Adroll Integration
Using Adroll for your promotions? Easily assess key metrics, trends and reports of your marketing campaigns from your AdRoll dashboard by adding your AdRoll Pixel to your events or attractions’ page. This procedure can be easily done via your Platinumlist organiser panel dashboard.
Marketing pop-up messages
Communicate with your page visitors via pop-up messages at the right time. Set rules such as page dwell time to surprise your visitors with promo code offers or discounts.